An Insane Rainbowcy by Toast

2.0 Someone Like You

Last time on the Sparkles, we had an heir poll and Pepto Bismol won by a huge margin. Pepto met the boy of his dreams, a handsome devil namedΒ  Adrian. Barbie got pranked by SR at every turn. This is the FIRST POST OF GEN 2. ZOMG. I never expected to make it to gen 2. I hardly know what to do with myself. I guess I’ll just have a happy:


Virgin: What the hell is this shit? Generation 2? This is bullshit!

I’m sorry Ginny, but…it’s true. Our time with you as the star ended a long time ago has come to an end. Fear not, for you’ll probably still be around as I’m too lazy to move to a new house. πŸ˜€ Doesn’t that make you feel better?

Ginny: No! Fu-

Oh look, an adorable owl gif that won’t stop showing up on my tumblr dashboard.

Ginny: -k you!! BAH!



If it pleases and sparkles, let’s get on with Generation 2, chapter 1! D

Heeey, Pepto! Guess what?

Pb: What?

You won the heir poll! You get the awesome privilege of continuing the family line!

PB: I did?! πŸ˜€ …wait, why are you saying like that?

Like what? All I said was that you get the honor of being the next Sparkle heir.

PB: You’re doing it again.

Me? I’m not doing anything! There’s absolutely nothing bad about being the Sparkle heir. It will be full of fun and happiness.


Anyway! As the heir is now chosen, that means Salmon Roll can grow up and GTFO I mean, marry his sweetheart and live happily ever after.

Now as you may notice, Salmon Roll is distinctly darker than his siblings…that’s because, my dear friends, according to my game, Salmon Roll is stuck between the floor and the foundation of the house. πŸ˜€

That keeps happening to me. So now he’s in the foundation of the house where there are no lights and of course he gets the “unfinished” moodlet. Yaaaaaay. -.- Also, because for the last week of his teen years SR has done nothing but apparently piss Virgin off….

SERIOUSLY?! Omg, let the kid have his birthday for God’s sake. Has Twallan made a mod to turn off autonomous scolding yet?

I bet the one person who voted for him is throwing their hands up in frustration right about now. XD

Pepto, I’m not sure that if he had been a YA, you’d have won the poll.

PB: @.@ I’m not sure either.

So while Pepto was busying creepily staring at his suddenly Not-Awkward Not-Shaggy-looking brother, I had him call up Fawn. She comes over, and of course they immediately make up for all the time lost and court much more seriously….>.> Or you know, he says Hello and immediately pops down on one knee and pops the question with a big ol’ rock.

Fawn: Oh my god!! I’m so surprised!

Really? You’re IN a legacy. A commentary legacy at that. Your job is to get married and have babies so I have cute townies.

She said yes, naturally. And SR’s adorable-ness is making me regretΒ  not having him as heir.

They get married….

I figure, because Fawn’s moved into the house, even if it is for five seconds, she gets a makeover. I think pink suits her. πŸ˜€ But look at her “really?” look at her new hubby’s moony face. /Sigh.

Nature: 3, Nurture: 4

Nature’s caaaaatching upppppp. :O

Then, they move out.

SR: Well, Goodbye everyone!

Yep, whatever. Go make babies.

With SR now an adult, it’s time for the twins to age up into teens. Four Sparkle teens at a time. @.@

Pepto: Yay Birthday!

Dmitri: Even if they’re not mine, I still get some free cake!

Barbie: Man this house is decorated well!

Virgin: You’re about to hit that awkward puberty stage! LOL.

Pinkie Pie thinks hard about her birthday wish.

While Tom Cruise sneezes on his cake. -.-”

Virgin wasn’t kidding when she said the twins were entering their awkward puberty stage. :/

Dmitri: They’re definitely NOT mine. Seriously. I want Maury to come and do some paternity tests.

Uhm, Dmitri, you ARE the father.

That’s better, here’s Pinkie Pie, all teenager-ified.

And here’s Tom Cruise.

* * *

So one day after the twin’s birthday I notice an imaginary friend as popped up on the lot. I had Pinkie Pie selected, so I thought for a second that Gummy had turned into an IF Sim. Then I hovered my cursor over the IF and discovered that no, it was actually Katie Holmes. As in, Tom Cruise’s imaginary friend. o.O

I select Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes is still in his inventory, but here is a new Katie Holmes. o.O

She is visible to every Sim on the lot. Oookay.

I added her to the active family to see what the deal was, and she had the option when I clicked on her to turn into “sim form”, so here’s what happened:


I wanted TC’s imaginary friend to grow up to be his wife because come on… I don’t know how she got on my lot, but then again the Sparkles have had a lot of random glitches, like couches suddenly appearing on the front lawn. No joke. But she’s got the imaginary friend hidden trait and I’m not going to argue. She did, however, need a makeover.


So, welcome Katie Holmes. I’ve only ever had one imaginary friend, is it common for them to have traits of their owners? They both have the Evil trait, but that could just be because they’re named after celebrities.

* * *

Then, I got a notification that Prom was coming up! Score, and it happens the day before Pepto’s birthday party, just like all those silly teen movies. The hero goes to the prom with his true love then suddenly they’re adults and living their lives together forever, just like real life.

Oh wait.

But, still I’m so extremely excited because this means….Pepto and Adrian awesomeness!! πŸ˜€ So, I immediately get Pepto and go over to Adrian’s house. During the party I was able to push their relationship far enough forward so that they were actually high enough in “like” to become boyfriends. I managed to get Pepto to catch up to Adrian out on the town and he asked him out in the five seconds I was able to snag him. Since he is the only person (other than Barbie and now the twins) that Pepto knows at school, their relationship has been building since I put PB on the “Talk with Friends” setting while he’s at school. Plus, he calls him daily, so I can’t imagine any problems!

Adrian greets him a little coldly, but that’s okay. He’s still letting him in his house. I set a long string of flirting, kissing, etc socials for them. Then, finally, after I have built their relationship up to MAX. For seriously, max. I have Pepto ask Dmitri to the prom.


Distraught, a pain in my chest and a horrible sinking feeling…I have Pepto ask again. Let me remind you:





What is this I don’t even?


Pepto (AND ME) was understandably hurt by Adrian’s asshole behavior. I Pepto decides that Adrian’s words were a deal-breaker.

PB: You’ve broken my heart, Adrian. We’re through!

Adrian: I don’t understand, why are you doing this?

PB: Oh gee, could it be because you’re an ASSHOLE?

I send Pepto home, to nurse his poor broken heart. Poor Pepto, it hurts when your boyfriend turns out to be a scumbag asshole. In fact…


* * *

Meanwhile, romance is in the air for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Of course, Tom asks her to the prom and she agrees to go, yay!

Oh, irony.

So, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes seem to be surgically attached at the face, judging by all the kissing they’re doing anyway.

Katie Holmes: Do you hear crying?

Tom Cruise: Yeah, who’s crying?

Awww. Poor guy. But I laughed at the pics. XD


Next time on the Sparkles, Barbie, Pinkie Pie and Pepto all search for prom dates. Will they be successful? Can Pepto Bismol heal his broken heart?



Heir Poll

Who should be Heir/ess? We have FIVE candidates to chose from. :O

So if it pleases and sparkles, here are the heirs:

Salmon Roll has found his spouse, Fawn. He’s a prankster, and he fits his insane trait well. I think he looks like Shaggy. He tends to be the most happy-go-lucky of all the kids.

Oh, Pepto. He’s most famous for his hot pink man panties. He’s probably the closest to normal of the family. He’s found his future spouse, Adrian Moore. He’s the most capable of kids. Definitely my favorite.

Oh, Barbie. She’s the most attitude-y of the group. However, despite her bitchiness, she is very protective of her family. She fits her excited trait well, and the kleptomaniac trait will definitely make for teh lolz.

Pinkie Pie is a sweet girl. She’s still a child so we have yet to see if she’s truly a Sparkle or not. She does love dogs, and she and Butterball share a special bond. ❀

Tom Cruise, he’s evil. He smells like raspberries and his imaginary friend is Katie Holmes. Like Pinkie, he’s still too young to tell if he’s a Sparkle or not.


The poll will be open for about a week, so please vote!

Last time on the Sparkles….

We had surprise!twins. I named them Pinkie Pie and Tom Cruise. Barbie became a gorgeous, but bitchy teen with crazy ass default sleepwear. Virgin and Dmitri became Middle Aged and had midlife crises. SR’s future wife became a YA well before him because she’s an ass like that.

Now, if it pleases and Sparkles, we’ll get on with chapter ten…the last Ginny chapter before the heir poll. *sniffle* I’m not sure I ever had the intention of actually getting past the first gen. I’m strangely proud of myself. Okay, onward to chapter ten!

Since I’m very horrible at remembering traits. I wrote down Tom Cruise’s! He was born with couch potato and loves the outdoors. ‘Cause that’s so interesting and all. Oh well. His crazy genes make up for it. >.>

Oh and fair warning to all. I’ve been in utter agony these past few days so as I’m writing it this I am high as a mofo on pain killers right now. So, chances are that I’ll find something really funny that will be really stupid to y’all. Have fun with that. >.>

Oh, hello there.

That’s right, we have Pets now! Which of course means that we’re getting a pet for the Sparkles. Meet Butterball, the Skittish (or is it Anxious?), Hyper, Clueless dachshund. I gotta warn you in advance, there’s a lot of Butterball pic spam going on while Pets has that Shiny New* gleam to it. So, Butterball goes inside his new home to have a look around.

Or you know, freak the fuck out.

Butterball: What is this place?! Where am I?!

You got adopted silly, you’re now a Sparkle!

Butterball: I don’t like the sound of that! *FREAK OUT*

Seriously, already?

Why did you freak out at Dmitri? What did he do?

Butterball: I don’t like him.


So as you can see from the above picture, I forgot to change Pinkie Pie into generation-appropriate pajamas. πŸ˜› Oh and I had one Pets causality – Pinkie Pie’s hair. It’s completely gone from my game, which is weird because the only thing I took out was Twallan’s mods. Also as you can see the twins got their imaginary friends. πŸ˜€

Here’s Pinkie Pie’s imaginary friend: Gummy.

Named after Pinkie Pie’s pet alligator, of course.

And here is Tom Cruise’s friend, Katie Holmes.

Named after…well, you know. πŸ˜›

* * *

For the first time in his life, Dmitri is a doting father.

to one of his kids.

Ginny: You know we had twins, right?

Dmitri: I’m still not convinced that one’s mine.

Aww, poor Tom Cruise. No one loves him but Katie Holmes. Oh and Butterball.

Butterball: I can smell his alien soul.

So no one has uploaded this video to you tube, which makes me want to cry. Since WordPress is f-ing stupid and doesn’t let you embed shit properly, here’s the link to the video. It’s “What Scientologists actually believe” if you didn’t know. Them’s some messed up people.

Butterball: Tastes like raspberries.


Then I switch over to Dmitri…and this pops up:

I swear to GOD I will fucking murder you.

Ginny: That wasn’t very nice.

Deal with it. πŸ˜›

* * *

So, then quite randomly I got one of those opportunities for the parents to go on vacation and leave their teens home alone. I know an excellent TEHLOLZ opportunity when I see it, so hellz yeah. Let’s send them on vacation.

Let TEHLOLZ begin!

So, its the middle of the day, the kids are on their way home from school and the twins are somehow home alone with the maid. I’m focused on the teens as they’re heading home from school when I hear this music I’ve never heard before. It’s not uncommon for me to randomly hear little bits of music from other households because of story progression. So I ignore it and decide to switch back to the house to see if the maid has actually cleaned or not. Most commonly she comes in, makes the beds, eats our leftover cake and leaves. Of course she charges 125 bucks for this service too. Still, all of this is better than the repair lady who works out on our treadmill then verbally assaults one of the kids and leave. All while charging me 50 bucks an hour. If I wanted someone who used my stuff then bitched at me, I’d get a roommate.

Lol anyway. So I go back to the house and then…


I’ve never had a break-in during the day. Though, you know most break-ins actually do happen during the day. You know, when people are most likely to not be home…like in this case. But, you know…that’s okay because we have Butterball our faithful guard dog! He’ll attack this burglar and send him home crying.

Oh. Right.

/Sigh. Just don’t take the ice hamper. If you take the ice hamper I will be forced to annihilate you (Thank God for Twallan)

Maid: Uhm, maybe you shouldn’t be doing that. Please, stealing is wrong. Okay?

Yeah uhm…maybe you could CALL THE POLICE?!

There goes the dartboard…

and the shower.

Oh good, you guys are here! Quick, call the cops!

SR: I can’t get there!

Where? You don’t need to go anywhere, you have your phone on you..somehow…I don’t want to know where you keep it in that outfit. Barbie? Surely you have your cell phone?!

Barbie: There’s no path, I can’t get there either!

…are you kidding me? Look, he’s getting away!

:O Who called the cops?!


Pepto: I did.

:O Whaaaaat?

PB: Then I stopped him from leaving by being on the front stoop the same time as him.

:O Pepto…I…I love you.

So then, the cop comes and tackles the robber to the ground and proceeds to fight with him on the stoop. Or you know, impale herself on the stairs. Either or. Also, am totally aware of my unfinished wall. I forgot to do it when I first redecorated the Sparkle house and have since left it because it makes me giggle.

Victory! And look at Pepto walking back inside the house.

* * *

So after the whole robber shenanigans went down, the Sparkle teens decided to do what every teen would do when their parents are out of town: throw a party. Of course. Since Salmon Roll is the oldest and knows the most people, he threw the party…and of course, he dressed in his best snazzy pink suit.

Uh oh. A female in pigtails approaches a Sparkle man with his picture in her thought bubble…this isn’t going to be good. I invited Fawn to the party, but she refused to come. /sad face.

Hmm, so I guess that’s: Nature = 2, Nurture = 3. Maybe Dmitri DOES exist in these kids πŸ˜€

Here is Daisy, Fawn’s sister.

Daisy: Oh HELL no.

Tell her, Daisy! Gotta watch out for your sister’s man.

The party is going fairly well and we’ve got a nice little turnout.

Are you enjoying the party, bud?

Pepto: it’s pretty boring so fa- wait…who is that?

I don’t know Bud…why don’t you go talk to him?

Pb: Hi, I’m Pepto Bismol Sparkle.

Adrian: Wow…really? I’m Adrian Moore. Your name is really Pepto Bismol?

PB: Yeah :/

Adrian: Haha, well that figures. You do have an older brother named Salmon Roll.

Awww, they’re getting along so well. The two continue to talk continuously for about a sim hour when…

Barbie: *SQUEAL*

Oh Jesus, no. Barbie! No! Bad! Crap, she looks just like her mother.

Nurture = 4, Nature = 2.

Barbie: Hi, I’m Barbie…Pepto, will you excuse us?

…wat? No, Barbie! Let him handle this on his own, he was doing well. Don’t ruin it!

Barbie: So, you’re talking to my older brother? Do you like him?

Adrian: Well….

Barbie: I think my brother likes you a lot. But he’s too shy to make the first move, so if you like him…you should. But, if you break my brother’s heart I’ll rip off yourΒ  balls and make you eat them.

Wow…Barbie, that was actually…nice of you. o.o

Barbie: Don’t get used to it.

PB: Oh hey, so uhm. What did you talk to my sister about?

Adrian: Well, she gave me some advice…which I’m going to be taking.


Adrian and PB: *love*!

Barbie: Damn I’m good.

So our two love birds decide to go outside to catch a little fresh air and look at the stars. ❀ While I’m swooning over their new romance, I get a pop-up.

oh shit.

So, I tell Barbie to break up the party because naturally, the parents are coming home. This is how she chooses to do it:

Barbie: OH SHIT!


Of course this means that Adrian must say goodbye to Pepto, but I don’t think that’s the last we’ll see of him.

Pepto: I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love with a wonderful guy!

So, the parents come home and despite the fact that there is NO mess and no children left behind Ginny freezes and stands in place for 20 minutes while the game decides she has to go scold Salmon Roll, which means of course that they’re both frozen in a high traffic area and are screwing up everything for everyone around them. Hey, EA: Eat a Bag of Dicks.

Virgin: Because I’m somehow a magical wizard, I know you had a party while we were gone. You’re grounded!!


* * *

Now, after long last, it’s time for the Twin’s birthdays! Yay! They’ll be real people now! Except for Tom Cruise…nothing will help that.

I don’t know why, but him as a cowboy makes me giggle like a crazy person.

Tom Cruise ages up with the Evil trait. How strangely fitting.

Aww, precious little Pinkie Pie. She’s going to age up into someone beautiful and fun. She will be the normal child…I can just see it.

Dmitri: I don’t think this one’s mine either o.o

Can’t fix the derp face but good lord that’s better.

Pinkie Pie ages up with the alligator dog person trait.

The excitement proves to be too much for Barbie, and she pees herself. She leaves her shame on the floor without mopping it up.

Oh hey there Butterball, haven’t seen you in a while. How are you doing buddy?

Don’t you do it! Butterball, no!

Awww. Cuteness might make up for nastiness. MAYBE.


Awww! I can’t take it anymore! You’re forgiven!!

* * *

I’d now like to take a moment and present to you…Barbie gets pranked by Salmon Roll.

Salmon Roll: teehee.

Well now, I think that’ll do it for this chapter. The heir poll will go up in a couple of minutes!


So, in a few minutes I’ll be posting the heir poll, please vote! πŸ˜€

1.9 – Hurts So Good

I need a laugh so that means its time for…Sparkles and Rainbows!

Last time on the Sparkles….

Pepto became a teen and his parents became overly supportive. There were also hot pink man panties involved. Salmon Roll went to his prom in his pajamas with a stinky date. It was love at first sight and he was crowned King of the Prom!

So now if it pleases and sparkles…we’ll get on with chapter 9!

Oh man…already? I forget how close together Pepto and Barbie’s birthdays’ are. But, she’s actually smiling!

Barbie: Hmm? Sorry, I was just imagining what my Dark Lord is going to do to you when I unleash him.

O.O Are we really getting this dark already? Man, one picture in and we’re on apocalyptic scenarios. You know what this needs? Ponies.

Yes, Ma’am.

Okay, back to birthdays!

/gasp She’s gorgeous. πŸ˜€

Barbie: Pfft. I know.

And she’s bitchy! Great combo.

She rolled the “Photographer’s Eye” trait. Because that’s SO interesting, Barbie. Great job. /sarcasm

Barbie: Oh yeah…I forgot I have to share my cake with all of you

Goodness, Barbie. Retract those claws, please!

Then after that display of bitchiness. The family decides to play a nice game of darts.

Barbie: Hold still. I’m aiming for your face.


Nature: 0 Nurture: 3.

You know, I haven’t mentioned Ginny in a while. This IS her generation after all. Maybe its time to go ahead and pick a new heir.

Gin: Whoa whoa! Hold up! I’m still interesting! I’m still valid. I’m still a young adult for goodness sake! You can’t get rid of me yet.

But your kids are all teens and you’ve not been the center of attention for a while.

Gin: PFFFFT. I’ll show you interesting!

…uh oh.

Ginny…what did you do?

Ginny: *barf*


…you probably just ate some bad food. You’re bluffing. -.-

Still, you know I’ll have to choose one of them eventually, right?

Virgin: Yeah, I know.

So who do you hope it will be?

Ginny: Well…. I wouldn’t set my heart on anyone yet.


I know you’re bluffing to get a rise out of me.

* * *


I’m focused on Barbie…then suddenly my game pauses and the camera goes zooming back to Ginny.

Oh shit.

I think this is Ginny’s version of a troll face. -.-

Ugh. We were already through this part, Ginny. ><

* * *

Oh, shit.

Holy wow sleep wear. O.O Barbie you just increased the rating of this blog. >.>

Barbie: Nice hot pink panties, Pepto. Looking to make a little on the street?

Pepto: I don’t know, how much did you make last night?

Meow. >.> These two remind me of the WASP family.

(Can you believe that’s the only video I could find of it? apologies for the quality).

* * *

Hey there, Bumblebee. Why so angry?

Ginny: I’m remembering what it was like to have a baby.

Ginny: I don’t wanna do this again! :c

Yeah…I don’t think you have a choice at this point.

Gin: But…but

It’s what you get for trying to be interesting again. -.- When did you and and Dmitri even do it?

Ginny: He’s had a lot of free time now that he’s not chained to the scultping station and his computer’s been broken.

*1 hour later*

Insane Repair Lady: I’M NOT FIXING THAT!

Yeah yeah, I don’t care. Just fix the computer!

And she does! Thank you jeebus!

* * *

Later that night, I got a disturbing pop up notification .

For those that may not remember. That is SR’s girlfriend…he still has like 10 days left on his teen years. GAH. /facepalm. The next morning, I had SR invite her over after she got off of work (SP put her in a new career in 5 seconds. Lol, SP you are on top of it.)

Aww, despite the fact that she now towers over him, it seems like they still really like each other. D’aaaawwwwww…

Awww-oh. Uhm. Salmon Roll, sweetie, isn’t that uh…painful?

SR: It hurts so good.

…really? Is that the song we’re doing this time? /Sigh.

I was -5 when that song came out. :O /old.

SR: *moony face*

:O Is this the first evidence that Dmitri exists in these kids?!

Well well. Nature: 1, Nurture: 3

Ohhh, this can’t be good.

Ginny: Ooh! You’re the one who’s dating my son! Eeeee!

Fawn: Uhm…yeah.

Ginny: *SQUEAL*

SR: Ugh.

Ginny: SOOOOOO, Did you steal my son’s virginity? Huh, huh?

I love the look on SR’s face, its just like, “this interests me.” XD

LOL, no shit.

Ginny: Come onnnnn. You know you want to tell me. πŸ˜€

Ginny: You did! You so did, don’t try to deny it!

Fawn: No, no no no. No no no.

XD Then, in true Sparkle style…she does actually stick around…she just stops speaking to Ginny. XD Oh, the Sparkle is strong with this one.

* * *

Then, Barbie decided to cook everyone dinner and this happened.

Barbie: Uhmmm.

Then everyone came running INTO the kitchen, of course. They didn’t try to run out of the house…like you know, what you’re SUPPOSED to do. Which made me think of this:



Memories annoy me…I mean, “Little Jimmy Dumb Shit got a paper cut. He’ll always remember this pain!” …really? ‘Cause I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast every day let alone how many times I was late for work or if I’ve eaten burnt food or not. Like seriously, TONE IT DOWN. *cough* Anyway.

Have no fear everyone, Pepto and his hot pink man panties are here to save the day!!

Oh great. Just what we need. -.-

So once the flames finally die down…Dmitri brings Ginny to the hospital. Two go in and….


At this point, I got up from my computer with that face ^ and had to take a minute. When I sat back down…I found this:

Oh that’s a great sign.

Dmi: If I ignore it…it will go away.

No chance, boy-o. I understand the frustration but spiking the baby into the floor is REALLY not the best choice.

/just sayin’.

Ah yes, so you need their names! We have mixed gender twins. The oldest, a girl was born with Insane and Excitable locked in (swear to God. It’s just a little creepy.) With this traits and her chosen generation…there’s only one thing I could name her.

Pinkie Pie.

For any of my non-brony/pegasister readers…that would be:

I mean…can you get any pinker? If she gets the Party Animal trait at some point, I’m going to lose it. XD

Then, we have our boy. There was only one thing to name him. Tom Cruise.

Oh yes, Tom Cruise.


* * *

Then just after the babies were born…it was time for my White Generation to become Middle Aged. :c


Ginny: Shit, I still make this look good.

*1 age morph later*

Ginny: Suddenly all I can think about is life insurance and mutual funds.

Mmmyep, you’re gettin’ old.

Ginny: OH GOD. I HAVEN’T DONE ENOUGH THINGS WITH MY LIFE! *midlife crisis*!!!!!



WHAT?Β  Oh hell no. After how he resisted the uh…charm of Patty the lunatic, you want to repay him like THIS? Pfft. For shame, Ginny, for SHAME!

SR: Wooo! Let’s get on with this, I’m TIRED of this shit!

Yeah me too. This is like the longest chapter ever. -.-

Ginny: Haha! You’re old!

Uhm….you know what. I’m not going to bother. -.-

He still looks good. πŸ™‚

Oh and Dmitri got his midlife crisis too. fml. I didn’t know they happen this early. I haven’t had an MA birthday since before Gens came out. BAH. But, like a responsible adult he just wants to buy a new car worth over 100,000 and live in a new house. Psh.

Okay and now with that out of the way! It’s time for the babies!

Ginny goes first, much to Dmitri’s dismay.

Dmitri: *bitch face*

…also…wth is Pepto doing?

I love that kid.

D’awwww!!! She’s so adorabibble.

Yes, I changed her hair color. >.> but when I saw that she had those blue eyes, I knew I had to give her the pink hair. She’s a little Dmitri. For posterity’s sake. I took a photo of her in CAS.


Now for Tom Cruise:


Dmitri: Oh my god.

Pepto: Mom?!

Ginny: Oh dear God.

SR: Sweet jesus.

What are you guys so worked up over?

Oh. Oh my. …the only thing this baby has inheirted from his parents is Ginny’s skintone. o.o

This is the first appearance of the creepy grandparent gene! Wow.

With that, I’m completely caught up to my game and now I’ll be bidding you all adieu. So join me next time for Dmitri demanding a paternity test? More Sparkle teenage woes and hopefully, NO MORE BABIES. -.-

1.8 Smoke on the Water

Last time on the Sparkles! Dmitri got stalked by a crazy lady whose name I have just learned is Patty. Welp, Patty…you’re a nutjob. Salmon Roll also became a teen and the ice hamper suffered a horrible fate. /sniff.

Now, if it pleases and Sparkles…we’ll go to chapter 8!

Oh, beetee dubs, but SR’s teenage trait is Nurturing. D’aawww. Now we can have an insanely excitable teen named after Sushi looking after your children. How sweet.

I got a notification that the prom was coming up, eeee! I’ve only had one sim attend a prom so far and she got horrible rejected…here’s hoping Salmon Roll’s goes better. I see that SR actually has a friend of the female variety, score! This means less work for me, woot! So, I send SR down to her house only to discover….

She’s hella rich. Score, SR! So, I send him in to woo the unsuspecting lady. Her name is Fawn.

Wow, the feel inside this house is so much different from the Sparkles. SR talks to Fawn at first, trying to work up to wooing her.

And now, confident in himself…he tries to flirt with her.

SR: Hey, uh…Fawn you know that I’ve liked you for a really long time and all and I was just wondering if you-

Fawn: *Interrupts* SILLY FACES!

:O They’re perfect for each other!

SR: I…love you…

Fawn: Heeeeey, whatcha got going on back there?

SR: Nothing! *defensive*

SR: Just kidding, its flowers! *grin*

Fawn: Oh I’m so surprised!

D’awww. They’re so cute.

Then SR proceeded to chase her all over the house to try to ask her to be his Girlfriend. It was a picture perfect moment…

Except that seconds before she peed herself and is now stinky. I think that she’ll fit right in with the Sparkles though. πŸ™‚

* * *

Back at home Pepto decides to show off his ballet to his father. XD

Pepto: Papa! Look what I just learned to do in ballet!

Papa: That’s called a plie! Can you say awesome?

Dmitri: I can say disappointment.

Dmitri! That’s not nice, your son loves ballet…and fashion…and pink. >.> What I find funny though is that Barbie’s just sitting on the seesaw, waiting for someone to come along and hop on the other side. Hahaha.

*Two hours later*


* * *

Guess who’s making his 25th Ice sculpture!!

πŸ˜€ can you guys guess what it will be? *eyebrow waggle*

:D:D:D:D /happy

Also can I say ❀ Fluttershy

I almost don’t even know what to do with myself!



* * *

Prom night! πŸ˜€ Did you think that just because he’s no longer a child the snazzy pink suit would go away? Not a chance πŸ˜€ Oooh I think I hear the doorbell!

Oh look…she’s wearing the same clothes as yesterday…and she still smells….

Also, why is she staring at our house and thinking about fire? O.O

So the young loves head out to the prom…and of course right before he gets into the limo…SR changes into his pajamas. FML.

Still, he seems so excited! The very image of his mother:

aww ❀ I’m telling you… with this family its Nature=0 Nurture=2.

Aww! Throughout the night I got all kinds of notifications about SR’s awesome night. In the end, I put his crown and his prom photo on a shelf in his room.

hawt. Still, its full of teh lol’s. If SR is the one to take over for the next gen, I think he’s already found his spouse. XD

* * *

On the day of his second son’s birthday, he tries to make an effort to understand him. It’s very commendable.

I’m not sure why, but the two of them on a seesaw makes me lol. I can only imagine what the decided lack of conversation is like. XD

So, as I said…today is Pepto’s birthday! πŸ˜€

Well, at least his sister cares about his birthday. :/


Seriously, wth is with this kid?

Barbie: Hmmm.

She looks like she’s deciding something about her son. Three guesses at to what it is?

Ginny: So, Pepto…any boys at your school catch your fancy yet? *eyebrow waggle* Ooh let me teach you how to attract men!

PB: *Choke* *splutter*

Was there any question of his orientation, folks? I didn’t think so.

Speaking of… the next morning…

Oh yes…hot pink man panties.

Dmitri: Son, I’d like to talk to you.

PB: Sure thing, Dad.

Dmi: Uhm…son. Maybe you want to put on some pants?

PB: I’m good.

Oh, and thats our repair lady on the treadmill…in her formal wear. Insane trait much?! She actually goes home without fixing things sometimes. -.-

Dmitri: Son, I just wanted to say…I will welcome any of your life partners into my house.

PB: Seriously? I blame you for this.

Hey! He’s trying to be supportive.

PB: -.-

You are wearing lip gloss. Don’t blame me!

PB: You put it on me!

>.> shhhh.


So now I leave you all here. Short little chapter, look for the next one soon!

Next time on the Sparkles…Barbie becomes a teen and Virgin has an ultra FML/Facepalm moment!

1.7 – In the Dark

Omg its beens so long! Hai everyone! πŸ˜€

So I’m horrible at keeping track of my sims traits, apparently. Haha. So because I’m neglecting my duties I’ll go over their traits again.

Salmon: Excitable, Insane, Photographer’s Eye

Pepto: Excitable, Friendly, Eco-Friendly

Barbie: Excitable, Disciplined, Kleptomaniac.

What I love though, is that they’re all excitable when I have rolled every single time or the game has chosen for me. What are the odds of that happening?

Okay so…last time on the Sparkles, Pepto grew up into a stylish child and Barbie grew up into a creepy, Damien-like child and two horrible tragedies occurred. Dmitri’s computer broke and the beloved ice hamper was repossessed by an evil villain.

Now, if it pleases and sparkles we’ll get on with chap-


Hypnotoad must be involved if these two are ACTUALLY in bed together…at the same time. Side effect of the computer being broken? I’m not sure, but its a miracle.

Of course, you know who isn’t sleeping, right? I’ll give you two guesses.

Did you guess right? >.>

She’s still doing the creepy eye thing. I’m afraid she can read my thoughts.

I can read your thoughts, Rebecca.


On that same, creepy supernatural note…

Pepto is trying to perform some kind of creepy voodoo ritual on the broken computer. Hey, idk…maybe it will help.

Now, I’m going to interrupt this post to show you this picture:

This woman is the paparazzi in the Sparkle’s town.

So…basically…you’re telling me that a crazy old lady in a wedding dress is running around to places where she doesn’t belong and taking pictures of people without their permission…and everyone’s just OKAY with that? Seems like the Sparkles fit right into Barnacle Bay. XD

Now we continue:

Oh Dmitri! You’re working on an new ice hamper, aren’t you? πŸ˜€

Dmi: Mmgfftuck!


/facepalm /sigh

I should have known.

You know what this reminds me of?

Eventually, Dmitri manages to unstick himself long enough to create this beautiful and epic masterpiece:

Oh snap. Even Dmitri is taken back by the sheer awesome that is…the ice hamper. All is once again right in the world.

* * *

Someone needs to send Satan a pair of ice skates because I think Hell has just frozen over…



So maybe she isn’t an evil Damien-esque child of spooky doom. Or…maybe she’s lulling me into a state of comfort by pretending to be cute and normal before she calls on her dark lord to devour my soul?

Wow…that was kind of dark. *cough* I blame it on too many murder mysteries…and rap music. Damn kids and their rap music. *shakes fist*


Speaking of dark lords and evil…

creepy self portrait is creepy.

* * *

So finally, after what feels like fifty bajillion years, all of the kids are old enough to go to school! Yay!

Bus driver: Hey kid, nice tuxedo.

Salmon Roll: *silent murderous glare*

Barbie: You want me to take him out, SR? I’ll do it…I’ll so fuck him up. *glare*

Pepto: I’m sitting back here and away from that hideous tuxedo. It’s sooo not fashion forward.

Then…something truly miraculous happened.

Ginny’s maternity leave is FINALLY over (I seriously think they give too much time, but maybe thats the workaholic in me talking). I’m so excited, we finally get to work on that LTW! Ginny gets dressed in her track suit, naturally and heads off to the carpool when it starts to honk. Now, I’d like to direct your attention to something.

Ginny has to turn down the hill to catch the carpool…which is supposed to pull up in front of the house. Now, I think…okay maybe the carpool is going to turn around and go back down the hill.

Nope! /facepalm


So because I was alone with just the Sparkle house and nothing to do, I went downstairs for a drink and left my game running.

Hey there, Bumblebee, why so frowny?

Gin: You’re going to be mad…I didn’t do it! I just walked into the bedroom and it was like that.

What was like that?

Oh Ice hamper…we hardly knew you.

/SIGH. Well, now we have something else to look forward to…its SALMON ROLL’S BIRTHDAY! Yay, my first Sparkle Teen. I’m so happy. πŸ™‚ He himself looks pretty much thrilled at the prospect of having some cake. d’aww.

SR: fuck yeah BIRTHDAY!

Dmitri: OHHHH you said a bad word.

>.> My children do seem to be dropping ‘f’ bombs right and left. *cough*

d’aww. He reminds me of Shaggy…but you know…red headed and wearing pink and batshit crazy.

Hmm, so he’s already resentful and angsty over being part of the pink generation…I have a feeling this one will have epic mood swings.

After they celebrate his birthday, everyone leaves as he’s cutting the cake.

Then in true Sparkle fashion…as soon as they discover there’s cake in the room, they all descend like vultures.

Barbie and Pepto seem to be hatching some sort of diabolical scheme behind SR. :/

SR quickly changes into his pajamas and starts skilling. ❀ this kid. Also, just noticed there’s a dart sticking the floor, hahaha.

* * *


Dmitri is of course, not at the birthday party. Instead he is outside working on his sculpting…

Let me preface this little adventure with first saying this… I did absolutely nothing to make this happen. This entire sequence of events was not touched in any way by me. All I did was keep my window on Dmitri and hit the ‘c’ key to take pictures. /end disclaimer

Dmitri is working on his sculpting when this crazy ass lady walks up. I kid you not, she just walked inside the gate of their house and decides to start talking to Dmitri. I’ve forgotten her name now, but she looks like Cindi. We’ll call her Cindi


Cindi: Heeey, I’m looking for something big to plant in my garden. πŸ˜‰

Dmitri: Yeeaah, my wife’s home.

In fact…

Look who decides to show up…


Ginny: Oh, you poor thing. My husband only laughs at my silly faces.

Dmitri: Haha, that’s funny.



Ginny: Oh hell no.

Ginny: Hey, Dmitri…remember that sex we were planning on having…ever again?

Okay creepy.

Dmitri: *moony face at wife*

I feel like I’m narrating a nature show.

Ginny flirts with her husband to assert dominance over the usurping female. The female continues to eye her prey, unfazed by the dominant female.

After they stand like this for a moment, Dmitri and Ginny both decide to go inside. Presumably to get away from Ms. Crazy Pants.

However, as soon as Ginny clears the backyard, Crazypants grabs a hold of Dmitri.

Crazypants: Hey…your wife’s gone. *eyebrow waggle*

Seems as though Mr. Dmitri is not too impressed with her milkshake. It won’t bring him to the yard.

(In honor of Catcrunchies <3)

I came very close to posting the music video for that song…but after watching it…I just couldn’t. o.o lol

Dmi: I wish my computer wasn’t broken… :C

Now’s she’s giving him flowers! What are those, passionate purple…playful pink? You hussy!

Dmitri: Ohh, no. no no no no.

She just won’t give up!

Crazypants: *tries again*

Dmitri: I feel dirty :/

Then why haven’t you called the police?!

Dmitri: No…ewww.

I agree, sir.

Dmitri: Loook, lady I’m going to remember your face when the police sketch artist come.s

Crazy pants: Dmitriiiiii

Crazy: LOVE ME!

Dmitri: Ewww!!

Finally, he gets away from her and goes inside. She stands around in the backyard for a moment before finally leaving. o.o

Like I said…I didn’t make a single lick of that happen. Good lord, the people of BB are craaazy.

This whole chapter has been basically about creepers and crazy people. :/


Edit: ZOMG, Its been so long I forgot to end it in the usual manner. Okay, so next time on the Sparkles…more sparkle teenagers, Prom and more! :O

Last time on the Sparkles:

We welcomed the third child to the generation…and first girl: Barbie Sparkle. Oh wow, when I named her I did not put her first and last name together. That name makes me cringe. Anyway, if it pleases and sparkles…we’ll get on with chapter 6!

Ahh, another blissful morning in the Sparkle House. Ginny is up and awake, painting her soul on to the canvas…Salmon Roll is about to go to school and Dmitri is off working. The babies are still asleep, and all is well. Nothing bad can possibly happen.

Oh wait.

(you can totally see how bad of a simmer I am)

Uh oh. They usually give you warning! Haha, doesn’t that sound familiar?

Or maybe I was just too distracted to pay bills because this is our maid:

and yes, we have a maid and our bathroom still looks like that. :/

Sure enough, an hour later…

(on a side note…who else was scared as HELL of that video when they were younger?! I STILL haven’t seen it all the way through and I’m an adult for God’s sake. I remember watching Fantasia as a kid and as soon as I saw that mountain I got my little ass up off the couch and ran to the vcr to turn it off…and…do you remember when you actually had to like go up to the TV to do stuff like turn videos on and off? Omg remember VCRs?! Wow I’m old. *cough* anyway)

Big Mr. Bully guy: ‘sup. I’m here for your stuff.

Wait…he’s bypassing the dart board and the TV…he totally has my permission to take the toilet that thing is broken as hell….wait he’s going into the bedroom. The computer? Omg please take it so Dmitri will spend time with his children!


Not the ice hamper!! You cruel bastard!

Though uhm…Dmitri MADE that…so I didn’t actually pay for it…so why repo that? Also…you ass!

He repos the hamper, bypasses all the big ticket items and leaves. Takes the one thing we didn’t pay for…and easily the coolest (pun not intended) thing in the house. BOO! How will this family ever recover?!

* * *

Barbie spends her first moments out of the crib doing something very important.


Next, the tots got all cute and played together at the shape sorter and piano…or you know, not. As the case always seems to be with this family. /facepalm.

Barbie: You know…it’d be so easy. Just one quick whack and I’d have ALL of the attention.

You already do, Barbie. You weren’t left in the highchair for six hours.

Barbie: *death glare*

PB: loo loo loo, I got some apples. loo loo loo you got some too.

Barbie: What? its not like they’d convict me. Look at this face. I’m adorable!

Barbie: *innocent whistle*

I’m a little worried. Barbie gave him the death glare for like a solid sim hour. I guess she’s just violent like her mother. :/

I’m noticing the children are all favoring Ginny over Dmitri…does that mean Nurture: 1 Nature: 0?

PB: My sister is weeeeeeeeeeird!

Your whole family is weird, kid.

PB: Yay!


* * *

Then, Salmon Rollll walks in, trying to be all nice and big brother-y to his sister.

Aww. Then Dmitri walks in….

Barbie: Who are you?

*sigh* That’s your Papa.

Barbie: I have a Papa?


Dmitri: What’s it doing behind me? :C

I can’t even come up with an emoticon for that face. Maybe >8|Β  or >83 ? That is seriously the face that child makes every single time he sees his Dad. I’ve only been quick enough to capture it on film once so far.

SR: You let them take the ice hamper!!

Dmitri: No one likes me :C

Well, maybe its because of things like this:

Earlier that morning…

Dmitri: GOD! This bathroom is RANK! I want to puke from just standing in here.

Then maybe you should, you know…CLEAN it.

Dmitri: Pfft, not my problem! Honey, you’re needed in the bathroom! *goes off to work*

(You can totally tell its a flashback because OUR HAMPER IS STILL THERE!)

Dmitri: Hmm, maybe you have a point there.

* * *

Yay, its Pepto’s Birthday! Salmon Roll doesn’t look very happy about it…or is it just because his father is standing there?


PB: YAY BERFDAAAAY! I think that’s the face every child makes on their birthday.

One last derp face!

OH GOD! KILL IT WITH FIRE! Even Ginny looks taken back.


If you noticed, Salmon Roll’s outfit is much more salmon colored, but Pepto’s ALL pink. >:)

Though I still don’t think he minds the pink much.

PB: Oh, please Mother. That outfit is sooo gauche.

PB: Hey. Hey…this is MY cake. MY CAKE.

So are you excited for school, PB?


OMG! Not you too!

PB: I’m so not talking to you until you take your hair out of that spider clip and put on some make up.

:C But but…its Sunday and I’m comfy.

* * *

PB: Think I’ll just see whats so important on this thing that keeps Dad so occupied.

2 seconds later…

Dmitri: Damn kid’s on my computer!

How do Dads always know stuff like that?

* * *

Later, after everyone has gone to bed I realize how much Dmitri’s life is parallel to mine. While everyone he lives with is fast asleep, he’s staying up waaaay too late and spending it on his computer.

In other words…I gotta get those boy off his computer more. Then, as I finally intervene and make him bathe…the second worst thing to ever happen to this family (this chapter anyway) happens…

The computer breaks. :O

I’m not sure how Dimitri will ever hope to cope with this horrible, horrific tragedy or really…any of the family. I can tell Ginny is deeply deeply affected by this catastrophe.

Ginny: Hehehehe Daddy’s computer is dead!!

Barbie: XD

Though I am worried about Ginny…she painted this soon after.

Her inner torment? Or the agony at the thought of the computer being repaired at some point? Or perhaps she did it to gear up to face her ultimate challenge…the toilet.

Ginny, I admire your strength.

Oh honey, I’m not sure ONE toilet brush is enough to clean that thing. I think you need a pressure washer and a priest.

Wow! That’s amazing. I almost forgot what it was supposed to look like. It looks like Miss Ginny is shocked too. I know I would be!!

* * *

Then, lo and behold…it’s time for Little Miss Barbie’s birthday.

Aww yay, she’s blowing out her candles in what will be a very delightful and happy family memory. It of course won’t induce any life long trauma to any of these kids. They won’t be afraid of birthday cakes for the rest of their lives or anything.

Oh wait.

Fire in the disco! Fire in the…Taco Bell! Fire in the Disco!! Fire in the…Gates of Hell!

❀ Electric Six

Finally, the firefighters show up and put out the flames. Only took them like three hours. But whatevs. After the firefight they seemed to be a bit too distracted to come over and speak to the family.

Firefighter 1: Really? Really?….Really?

Okay lets try this again.

We have a firefighter standing by! Also…Dmitri seems to have vanished. >.>

Victory! Its a birthday derp face!

Oh she’s so pretty…though a little creepy. She randomly rolled the Kleptomaniac trait. So yeah, she’s a winner.

Okay, in the words of Jayne from Firefly: “shake your head, kid, your eyes are stuck.”


omg. All I can think of when I stare at her is that ominous Latin chanting.

(who else remembers that game? XD)

So on that final creepy note, I’ll leave you guys here. Join me for the next installment of the Sparkles, where maybe we’ll see some Sparkle Teens? :O Will The computer ever get fixed? Is this ice hamper gone for good? Will the toilet stay clean? Stay Tuned to find out!!

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