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2.0 Someone Like You

Last time on the Sparkles, we had an heir poll and Pepto Bismol won by a huge margin. Pepto met the boy of his dreams, a handsome devil namedΒ  Adrian. Barbie got pranked by SR at every turn. This is the FIRST POST OF GEN 2. ZOMG. I never expected to make it to gen 2. I hardly know what to do with myself. I guess I’ll just have a happy:


Virgin: What the hell is this shit? Generation 2? This is bullshit!

I’m sorry Ginny, but…it’s true. Our time with you as the star ended a long time ago has come to an end. Fear not, for you’ll probably still be around as I’m too lazy to move to a new house. πŸ˜€ Doesn’t that make you feel better?

Ginny: No! Fu-

Oh look, an adorable owl gif that won’t stop showing up on my tumblr dashboard.

Ginny: -k you!! BAH!



If it pleases and sparkles, let’s get on with Generation 2, chapter 1! D

Heeey, Pepto! Guess what?

Pb: What?

You won the heir poll! You get the awesome privilege of continuing the family line!

PB: I did?! πŸ˜€ …wait, why are you saying like that?

Like what? All I said was that you get the honor of being the next Sparkle heir.

PB: You’re doing it again.

Me? I’m not doing anything! There’s absolutely nothing bad about being the Sparkle heir. It will be full of fun and happiness.


Anyway! As the heir is now chosen, that means Salmon Roll can grow up and GTFO I mean, marry his sweetheart and live happily ever after.

Now as you may notice, Salmon Roll is distinctly darker than his siblings…that’s because, my dear friends, according to my game, Salmon Roll is stuck between the floor and the foundation of the house. πŸ˜€

That keeps happening to me. So now he’s in the foundation of the house where there are no lights and of course he gets the “unfinished” moodlet. Yaaaaaay. -.- Also, because for the last week of his teen years SR has done nothing but apparently piss Virgin off….

SERIOUSLY?! Omg, let the kid have his birthday for God’s sake. Has Twallan made a mod to turn off autonomous scolding yet?

I bet the one person who voted for him is throwing their hands up in frustration right about now. XD

Pepto, I’m not sure that if he had been a YA, you’d have won the poll.

PB: @.@ I’m not sure either.

So while Pepto was busying creepily staring at his suddenly Not-Awkward Not-Shaggy-looking brother, I had him call up Fawn. She comes over, and of course they immediately make up for all the time lost and court much more seriously….>.> Or you know, he says Hello and immediately pops down on one knee and pops the question with a big ol’ rock.

Fawn: Oh my god!! I’m so surprised!

Really? You’re IN a legacy. A commentary legacy at that. Your job is to get married and have babies so I have cute townies.

She said yes, naturally. And SR’s adorable-ness is making me regretΒ  not having him as heir.

They get married….

I figure, because Fawn’s moved into the house, even if it is for five seconds, she gets a makeover. I think pink suits her. πŸ˜€ But look at her “really?” look at her new hubby’s moony face. /Sigh.

Nature: 3, Nurture: 4

Nature’s caaaaatching upppppp. :O

Then, they move out.

SR: Well, Goodbye everyone!

Yep, whatever. Go make babies.

With SR now an adult, it’s time for the twins to age up into teens. Four Sparkle teens at a time. @.@

Pepto: Yay Birthday!

Dmitri: Even if they’re not mine, I still get some free cake!

Barbie: Man this house is decorated well!

Virgin: You’re about to hit that awkward puberty stage! LOL.

Pinkie Pie thinks hard about her birthday wish.

While Tom Cruise sneezes on his cake. -.-”

Virgin wasn’t kidding when she said the twins were entering their awkward puberty stage. :/

Dmitri: They’re definitely NOT mine. Seriously. I want Maury to come and do some paternity tests.

Uhm, Dmitri, you ARE the father.

That’s better, here’s Pinkie Pie, all teenager-ified.

And here’s Tom Cruise.

* * *

So one day after the twin’s birthday I notice an imaginary friend as popped up on the lot. I had Pinkie Pie selected, so I thought for a second that Gummy had turned into an IF Sim. Then I hovered my cursor over the IF and discovered that no, it was actually Katie Holmes. As in, Tom Cruise’s imaginary friend. o.O

I select Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes is still in his inventory, but here is a new Katie Holmes. o.O

She is visible to every Sim on the lot. Oookay.

I added her to the active family to see what the deal was, and she had the option when I clicked on her to turn into “sim form”, so here’s what happened:


I wanted TC’s imaginary friend to grow up to be his wife because come on… I don’t know how she got on my lot, but then again the Sparkles have had a lot of random glitches, like couches suddenly appearing on the front lawn. No joke. But she’s got the imaginary friend hidden trait and I’m not going to argue. She did, however, need a makeover.


So, welcome Katie Holmes. I’ve only ever had one imaginary friend, is it common for them to have traits of their owners? They both have the Evil trait, but that could just be because they’re named after celebrities.

* * *

Then, I got a notification that Prom was coming up! Score, and it happens the day before Pepto’s birthday party, just like all those silly teen movies. The hero goes to the prom with his true love then suddenly they’re adults and living their lives together forever, just like real life.

Oh wait.

But, still I’m so extremely excited because this means….Pepto and Adrian awesomeness!! πŸ˜€ So, I immediately get Pepto and go over to Adrian’s house. During the party I was able to push their relationship far enough forward so that they were actually high enough in “like” to become boyfriends. I managed to get Pepto to catch up to Adrian out on the town and he asked him out in the five seconds I was able to snag him. Since he is the only person (other than Barbie and now the twins) that Pepto knows at school, their relationship has been building since I put PB on the “Talk with Friends” setting while he’s at school. Plus, he calls him daily, so I can’t imagine any problems!

Adrian greets him a little coldly, but that’s okay. He’s still letting him in his house. I set a long string of flirting, kissing, etc socials for them. Then, finally, after I have built their relationship up to MAX. For seriously, max. I have Pepto ask Dmitri to the prom.


Distraught, a pain in my chest and a horrible sinking feeling…I have Pepto ask again. Let me remind you:





What is this I don’t even?


Pepto (AND ME) was understandably hurt by Adrian’s asshole behavior. I Pepto decides that Adrian’s words were a deal-breaker.

PB: You’ve broken my heart, Adrian. We’re through!

Adrian: I don’t understand, why are you doing this?

PB: Oh gee, could it be because you’re an ASSHOLE?

I send Pepto home, to nurse his poor broken heart. Poor Pepto, it hurts when your boyfriend turns out to be a scumbag asshole. In fact…


* * *

Meanwhile, romance is in the air for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Of course, Tom asks her to the prom and she agrees to go, yay!

Oh, irony.

So, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes seem to be surgically attached at the face, judging by all the kissing they’re doing anyway.

Katie Holmes: Do you hear crying?

Tom Cruise: Yeah, who’s crying?

Awww. Poor guy. But I laughed at the pics. XD


Next time on the Sparkles, Barbie, Pinkie Pie and Pepto all search for prom dates. Will they be successful? Can Pepto Bismol heal his broken heart?



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