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Heir Poll

Who should be Heir/ess? We have FIVE candidates to chose from. :O

So if it pleases and sparkles, here are the heirs:

Salmon Roll has found his spouse, Fawn. He’s a prankster, and he fits his insane trait well. I think he looks like Shaggy. He tends to be the most happy-go-lucky of all the kids.

Oh, Pepto. He’s most famous for his hot pink man panties. He’s probably the closest to normal of the family. He’s found his future spouse, Adrian Moore. He’s the most capable of kids. Definitely my favorite.

Oh, Barbie. She’s the most attitude-y of the group. However, despite her bitchiness, she is very protective of her family. She fits her excited trait well, and the kleptomaniac trait will definitely make for teh lolz.

Pinkie Pie is a sweet girl. She’s still a child so we have yet to see if she’s truly a Sparkle or not. She does love dogs, and she and Butterball share a special bond. ❤

Tom Cruise, he’s evil. He smells like raspberries and his imaginary friend is Katie Holmes. Like Pinkie, he’s still too young to tell if he’s a Sparkle or not.


The poll will be open for about a week, so please vote!


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